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Primary Care Practice & Aesthetics located in Cypress, TX

Lab Services services offered in Cypress, TX

From time to time, everyone needs lab services to guide and inform their care. Corinne Copeland, MSN, RN, FNP-C, APRN, of Real Nurturing Family Practice in Cypress, Texas, is proud to offer lab services as one of many ways to enhance overall health and wellness. When you’re ready to learn more, schedule a visit online or over the phone today.

What are lab services? Lab services, also called lab testing, are tests that examine a sample of your blood, urine, or other tissues to learn more about how well your body is currently functioning. These simple tests are a great way to guide your care. Blood testing, sometimes referred to as bloodwork, begins with a quick blood draw. The process takes just a few moments to complete and is not painful. Even a small volume of blood is all it takes to perform a wide range of tests. How can lab services improve my health? Lab services are part of routine physical exams. Having these tests performed periodically lets your practitioner know more about your current health and wellness. This reveals if there are changes you can make to improve your quality of life or reduce your risk of disease. For example, if lab testing reveals you have high cholesterol or blood sugar, you can take steps to bring those reading down to healthier levels. This can prevent serious health problems like heart disease or diabetes. Lab testing is also a critical part of the diagnostic process. The results can confirm or rule out certain conditions, giving your practitioner the information needed to guide your care. If you’re currently in treatment for a chronic health condition, lab services are a great way to determine if your treatment plan is yielding the desired results. This level of health tracking enables highly personalized care. How often do I need to come in for lab services? Most people benefit from coming in for annual physical exams, but you probably won’t need lab services during each visit. Your practitioner lets you know when lab testing is needed to monitor your health. If you begin to experience symptoms, lab services might help determine the cause. These tests enable prompt diagnosis and timely treatment decisions. When you turn to Real Nurturing Family Practice for acute care needs, lab services may be part of the process. Lab services are available on-site, but you can also have lab testing done from the comfort of your home or office during a mobile visit. Simply let the office know which approach is the best fit for your needs when you book your visit. Online scheduling is one option, and you’re always welcome to call and speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.

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