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IV Hydration Therapy services offered

in Cypress, TX

For people who want to achieve a wellness boost and give their body a surge of nutrients, intravenous (IV) hydration therapy is a wonderful option. At Real Nurturing Family Practice in Cypress, Texas, Corinne Copeland, MSN, RN, FNP-C, APRN, offers IV hydration therapy as one of many wellness treatments that can help you make the most of each day. Call or click to schedule a visit right away.

What is IV hydration therapy?

If you’ve ever spent time in a hospital or emergency room, chances are you’re already familiar with the use of intravenous (IV) therapy in medical settings. In these applications, IV therapy delivers a powerful hydration boost while also enabling a safe and easily controlled administration of medications. 

In wellness applications, IV hydration therapy works to boost hydration and deliver a powerful blend of nutrients to your bloodstream. There are various formulations to choose from, and a solution to virtually every set of needs. 

Some of the areas where IV hydration therapy can deliver impressive benefits include:

  • Immune boost

  • Skin condition

  • Workout recovery

  • Hangover recovery

  • Enhanced energy

  • Cognitive function


During your consultation you can discuss what you’d like to achieve through IV hydration therapy and explore which nutrient blends offer the best fit. 

What are some benefits of IV hydration therapy?


Most people walk through their days in a state of mild dehydration. This places a strain on your body at the cellular level. IV hydration therapy offers a chance to create an impressive hydration boost without increasing your water intake. 


IV hydration therapy also offers the chance to deliver micronutrients directly into your bloodstream without having to pass through your digestive system. Research shows that a significant portion of many supplements pass through your body without being broken down. IV nutrition avoids that outcome.  

What are vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are another way to achieve an immediate nutrition boost. These shots introduce carefully balanced vitamins directly to your tissues. While you should certainly try to meet most of your vitamin and mineral needs by consuming high-quality foods, it’s challenging to get everything you need through food sources alone. 

Vitamin injections allow you to boost specific vitamin levels safely and easily. They take just a few seconds to administer, yet create lasting improvements. 

Many people are deficient in one or more essential vitamins. Injections offer a solution, and are part of routine wellness care for many people. If you’d like to give vitamin injections or IV hydration therapy a try, schedule a visit at Real Nurturing Family Practice. 

Visits can be booked online or over the phone. You can come in for these treatments, or receive them during a house call visit.

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