House Calls

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Bringing Expert Medical Care to You at Home

What is a House Call visit? 



If you’re homebound and in need of permanent or temporary medical care, Real Nurturing Family Practice, LLC house calls can help. Providing primary care services in the comfort of your home, We can help you in these situations:

  • You are homebound due to illness or recent surgery and need care until you can make it back to see your primary care physician.

  • You don’t have a primary care physician and are temporarily or permanently unable to leave your home due to recent surgery, a chronic illness, or other physical or mental limitation.

  • You are visiting from out-of-town and don’t have access to your primary care physician.

Service Offered:

Housecalls provides care in the patient’s home through either a physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner. Services include:

  • Annual exams 

  • Care for common illnesses 

  • Care of musculoskeletal issues and sports injuries 

  • Management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol 

  • Minor skin procedures

  • Mobile diagnostic testing

  • Preoperative exams 

  • Prescription orders

  • Vaccinations

Other services include:

  • Continued rehabilitation

  • Evaluation for home health 

  • Diabetic counseling

  • Health and nutrition counseling

  • Hospice coordination

  • In-home medical labs

  • Mobile sleep studies

  • Smoking cessation treatment

  • Wound care consults​

  • Birth control counseling

  • IV hydration

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